Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art and ritual that combines elements of a dance, fight and game. Capoeira was created out of the rebellious spirit of the African slaves in Brazil, between the 1700’s and 1800’s. Its history can be linked to the West-Central African war rituals. It was developed in secrecy and practiced in the SENZALAS; large house-jails where slaves were kept. It was a creative and original response to the colonizer's oppression: a fight disguised in dance and ritual. Capoeira integrates the agility and grace of a ballet dancer, with the strength, power and skills of a warrior. It brings people from all over the world together. Fostering an environment of peace, joy, and fulfillment, both in the game and in life.

The ritual takes place in a circle (RODA) formed by practitioners, musicians and players. Two Capoeira players dance and fight in a continuous, fluid and harmonic flow. The tactical and sly moves of each player, in addition to music and clapping forms this unique martial art. Capoeira is a celebration of life, and the facing of day-to-day struggle. It conveys a message of courage and freedom. It is a holistic art manifestation that allows its practitioners to overcome their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual limitations.


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Mestre Pastinha had spanish roots. He was born to José Pastiña, a poor spanish emigrant who worked as a pedlar and Eugenia Maria de Carvalho Ferreira, a black Bahian homemaker.

Source: wikipedia.org

The name "Bimba" literal means "phallus" and came up due to a bet between his mother and the midwife during his birth. His mother bet that he was going to be a girl and the midwife bet he would be a boy; after he was delivered, the midwife revealed that he was a boy by pointing between his legs at his "bimba".

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Capoeira in 1900's


Vicente Ferreira Pastinha
05.04.1889 - 13.11.1981 (93 Years Old)
Salvador da Bahia - Brazil
Founder of the Centro Esportivo de Capoeira Angola (CECA), shoeshiner, tailor, gold prospector, security guard and Mestre of Capoeira


Manuel dos Reis Machado
23.11.1899 - 05.02.1974 (75 Years Old)
Salvador da Bahia - Brazil
Creator of the Capoeira Regional, musician and educator